Unveiling the Occubee Journey with Kamil Folkert, CEO, humanist and Ironman Triathlete

Welcome to StartUP with Poland, hosted by Tessa McIver, Executive MBA McIver, where we dive into the nuts and bolts of the Polish startup ecosystem. Today our guest is Kamil Folkert, PhD, CEO of startup Occubee. Occubee is a SaaS solution for retailers that uses AI and ML to help users effectively manage their supply chain. Kamil describes himself as an engineer with a humanistic heart who has gone from software developer and IT architect to C-level manager in an exciting venture. He has a PhD in data mining and an impressive C-level background. However, he is also an Iron Man triathlon competitor and stresses that he enjoys spending time with his family. Let’s find out more about Occubee, the challenges of being a startup CEO and how to find a work-life balance.

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